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Deathmøle is an instrumental band originally composed of Marten, Amir, Natasha, and Hannelore. It played allegorical[1] music in its earliest practice sessions but has never been on a gig.

It's been conversationally mentioned that the band is still together,[2][3] sans Natasha. Marten and Hannelore apparently thought Amir had left after the breakup with Natasha, but he had simply decided to live at the band's practice space all this time.[4] More recently they have been seen continuing to practice.[5].

They may never go on a gig because Hannelore thinks she would be too nervous to play in front of other people.[6]

"Deathmøle" was also the name Jeph Jacques uses for his own musical productions, but he got tired of that name and now releases under Stelliferous.