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Dan went to high school with Renee and Brun.[1]


In high school, Dan was called Shitty Dan. Renee explains that this was to differentiate him from Cool Dan ("who was actually an asshole").[1] He played Magic: The Gathering in high school and still enjoys playing it.[2]

When Dan went to college, he reinvented himself.[3] He went to parties, drank, and talked about girls and sports. However, he missed being Shitty Dan. He realized he could go to the gym and party while being himself and enjoying his nerdy hobbies.

Renee finds Dan on a social media site and discovers that he "is hot now." She messages him and joins him for coffee.[2]

He works for an engineering consulting firm and owns replica swords. While out with Renee, he mentions Dungeons and Dragons.[4]

Dan and Renee go out to dinner while he is in town and later hook up.[5]


In a picture presumably from high school, Dan can be seen with messy brown hair and scraggly facial hair. He wore a Trogdor shirt and held up game cards. Upon seeing him again, Renee describes him as hot. His hair is better kempt, and he is more muscular.[1]