Crushbot is a massive yellow robot.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Their name and occupation are both "Crushbot" and for that reason, they carry a very robust insurance policy. They also refer themselves in the third-person and speaks with caps lock on.

3000s[edit | edit source]

As Roko Basilisk was leaving Union Robotics, Crushbot stepped on a misdelivered crate of bananas and landed directly on Roko.[1][2] Bubbles was able to lift Crushbot off Roko, and though her memory core remained intact, her body was destroyed.[2]

Roko's original body model was obsolete and therefore unavailable, and because Crushbot's insurance policy was "very robust", she was able to afford the flagship of the line, a Philomena Model G.[3]

Crushbot remained at Union Robotics for repair to their rear-end.[4]

4000s[edit | edit source]

Crushbot took up baking.[5]

Career[edit | edit source]

Crushbot's career was listed as "Crushbot".[2]

They tried to change careers by going to take the Librarian final exam alongside Claire Augustus. Claire explained that becoming a librarian involved more than just taking one exam. Crushbot's response was, "CRUSHBOT'S DREAM HAS BEEN CRUSHED. EVEN CRUSHBOT CAN APPRECIATE THE IRONY."[6]

Crushbot has since taken up baking.[5]


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