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Corpse Witch is a female robot that was manager (according to Bubbles) of an underground robot-fighting ring where Faye and Bubbles once worked.[1]

According to Jeph's twitter account, the name was initially meant as a joke.[2]

Despite her position, she seems very concerned with the safety of the robot fighters.[3]

Her speech patterns are formal and erudite, much like Bubbles'.[3]

Corpse Witch pushes Bubbles to stay away from humans and stay isolated at the robot-fighting ring.[4][5] Some time later, Bubbles was the subject of robot bigotry, which involved some teenagers making comments that she overheard. She became enraged and stormed back to the fighting ring, where Corpse Witch seemed vindicated in her distrust towards humans. She attempts to persuade Faye to avoid the angry Bubbles, and Faye's willingness to risk her safety to comfort the angry AI seemed to surprise Ms. Witch.

Corpse Witch was also shown not to be above manipulations. As a way to push the cops off her tail, and get back at May for some previous work she had done by Faye and Bubbles, Corpse Witch brought Roko into the building while May was getting her face recolored.[6] Not only did Roko believe the fighting ring was an actual repair service but this also cemented May's silence, being she is a convicted felon. Disgusted by this act, Faye punched Corpse Witch[7] and was fired on the spot. Reluctantly, Bubbles remained behind out of blackmail.[8]

Corpse Witch performed a procedure on Bubbles to partition off memories that were causing Bubbles PTSD[9], but after the procedure Bubbles was forced into servitude if she ever wanted the decryption key so she could regain access to the memories. Station is unable to help, but Spookybot arrives and is able to break the decryption.[10] It's quickly revealed that Corpse Witch deleted the memories in question, apparently by accident[11]. Spookybot proceeds to shut down the fighting ring and turn Corpse Witch in to the authorities.