Clinton P. Augustus is a 21-year-old[1] student at the University of Massachusetts. Clinton is Claire's brother.


Background Edit

Clinton does not get along smoothly with his sister, but he is quick to defend her.[2] Mrs. Augustus is his mother. Clinton lives in what looks like a dorm room with a roommate.[3]

Interview Edit

Working as part of AI-companionship program, Clinton comes to interview Marten about his relationship with his AnthroPC, Pintsize.[4] Clinton is a big fan of Hannelore's father, which led to Clinton paying an uncomfortable amount of attention to Hannelore during their first meeting, after which Marten kicked him out with a sword.[5]

Stalking Hannelore Edit

Following day, Faye tied him to a chair in Coffee of Doom after he tried to take a photo of Hannelore.[6]

Clinton later just "happened" to run into Hannelore, Marigold and Momo—to a less than favorable reception.[7] They end up having a somewhat rational—at least for him—discussion about AnthroPCs and technology.[8]

Date with Emily Edit

Clinton attended Emily's party at her parents lake house.[9]

Clinton has little to no dating experience. After awkwardly asking Emily out,[10] he went out on a date with her.[11] While attempting to accommodate every Emily's passing remark, Clinton got a new haircut,[12], a tattoo,[13], new glasses,[14] and new boots.[15]

Meeting Brun Edit

Clinton met Brun in The Nasty Whale on the day it burned down.[16]


He appears to be taken aback by Pintsize's sexual proclivities.[4][17] Clinton has become involved in a complex, awkward web of relationships involving Brun, Elliott and Emily Azuma, in which none of the participants appears to have any idea how to progress.

Claire Edit

Clinton is very protective of Claire.[18] He was very supportive during Claire's exams.[19]


Clinton's personality appears to revolve around his love and fascination with AI and Anthropology.[5] He is a big fan of the inventor of AI, John Ellicott-Chatham.[20]


Clinton is a rather "bookish" person with a robotic prosthesis on his right arm, installed after his hand was destroyed in a fireworks accident.[1] He states that "...most people put a cover on theirs, but I think they look so much COOLER this way."[4] However, it means that it is unusable in water.[21] He is quite pleased to have it.[1] The hand's features include a semi-autonomous mode of operation in which it can carry out tasks while detached.[22] After his prosthetic hand was accidentally damaged by Elliot, Clinton agreed to start wearing a cover on the hand to prevent further issues.[23]

Trivia Edit

  • In Roko's daydream about Clinton bring her some bread, his stomach was marked using word "ABS" literally written on the stomach.[24]
  • Clinton is lactose intolerant.[25]


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