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Clinton P. Augustus is a 21-year-old[1] student at the University of Massachusetts. Clinton is Claire's brother.



Clinton does not get along smoothly with his sister, but he is quick to defend her.[2] Mrs. Augustus is his mother. Clinton lives in what looks like a dorm room with a roommate.[3]


Working as part of AI-companionship program, Clinton comes to interview Marten about his relationship with his AnthroPC, Pintsize.[4] Clinton is a big fan of Hannelore's father, which led to Clinton paying an uncomfortable amount of attention to Hannelore during their first meeting, after which Marten kicked him out with a sword.[5]

Stalking Hannelore[]

Following day, Faye tied him to a chair in Coffee of Doom after he tried to take a photo of Hannelore.[6]

Clinton later just "happened" to run into Hannelore, Marigold and Momo—to a less than favorable reception.[7] They end up having a somewhat rational—at least for him—discussion about AnthroPCs and technology.[8]

Date with Emily[]

Clinton attended Emily's party at her parents lake house.[9]

Clinton has little to no dating experience. After awkwardly asking Emily out,[10] he went out on a date with her.[11] While attempting to accommodate every Emily's passing remark, Clinton got a new haircut,[12], a tattoo,[13], new glasses,[14] and new boots.[15]

Meeting Brun[]

Clinton met Brun in The Nasty Whale on the day it burned down.[16]


Elliot tells Clinton that he has feelings for him, and, after talking over things with Claire,[17] Clinton goes for drinks at The Horrible Revelation during one of Elliot's shifts.


He appears to be taken aback by Pintsize's sexual proclivities.[4][18] Clinton has become involved in a complex, awkward web of relationships involving Brun, Elliott and Emily Azuma, in which none of the participants appears to have any idea how to progress.


Clinton is very protective of Claire.[19] He was very supportive during Claire's exams.[20] Claire helped Clinton towards figuring out his feelings towards Elliot.[21]


Elliot confessed to Clinton that he has feelings for him.[22] Clinton went for drinks at The Horrible Revelation during one of Elliot's shifts.[23] Later, the two kiss [24] and Clinton acknowledges to his mother that he and Elliot are "a thing".[25]


Clinton is attracted to Brun, but she tells him that she is not attracted to him.[26]


Clinton's personality appears to revolve around his love and fascination with AI and Anthropology.[5] He is a big fan of the inventor of AI, John Ellicott-Chatham.[27]


Clinton is a rather "bookish" person with a robotic prosthesis on his right arm, installed after his hand was destroyed in a fireworks accident.[1] He states that "...most people put a cover on theirs, but I think they look so much COOLER this way."[4] However, it means that it is unusable in water.[28] He is quite pleased to have it.[1] The hand's features include a semi-autonomous mode of operation in which it can carry out tasks while detached.[29] After his prosthetic hand was accidentally damaged by Elliot, Clinton agreed to start wearing a cover on the hand to prevent further issues.[30]


  • In Roko's daydream about Clinton bringing her some bread, his stomach was marked with the words "HUMAN ABS" literally written on the stomach.[31]
  • Clinton is lactose intolerant.[32]