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Brunhilde Khoury, also known as Brun,[1][2] used to be a bartender at a The Nasty Whale. She's a friend of Renee. Brun is distinguished by her strong eyebrows and taciturn personality. She currently works a barback in The Horrible Revelation.[3]



Brunhilde is originally from Lawrence and is of Lebanese descent.[4] Her parents died when she was in her teens, her mother of cancer when Brun was 15, and her father of a heart attack 4 years later.[5] She has known Renee at least since high school.[2]

"The Nasty Whale" Fire[]

Brun loses her job as bartender and apartment when the building containing both catches fire.[6] She subsequently moves in with Renee.

Brun continues her job search, but her attempts prove fruitless as all bars (along with Coffee of Doom, which she suggests could become a bar[7]) she tries to apply decline her. She does, however, accept an under-the-table gig at The Secret Bakery.[8] Elliot helps Brun find a bar-back position at The Horrible Revelation.[3] She still uses the harpoon at the new job. When Clinton Augustus visits the bar, she doesn't have time to talk to him.[9] When Clinton goes to the bathroom, they share an awkward moment, when Elliot comes looking for Brun.[10] After embarrased Elliot leaves, Clinton explains the situation to Brun.[11] That day Brun does such a good job that boss let's her go home early.[12]

Moving in with Renee[]

Renee and Brun move into an apartment in the same building as Millefeuille and Beepatrice.[13] Clinton and Elliot join the housewarming party with some beer.[14] Brun becomes unruly, so Renee assigns her to hold a plant.[15]


Brun often speaks in short sentence fragments, with a period at the end of each fragment. She collects clocks, has trouble understanding emotions, and tends to be very, very blunt. Brun becomes unable to talk when under a great deal of stress and communicates via written notes. She has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder some time in the past.[16]


Brunhilde collects clocks. She once found a TimeMaster Model C in Coffee of Doom's basement.[17] Brunhilde later sold the clock for $3000.[18]

Brun's extensive knowledge of whaling techniques is presumably either a result of working at The Nasty Whale or is the reason she was employed there- despite her firm anti-whaling stance.[19] She claims to be able to kill a person making it look like a harpoon accident.[20]

Brun is known to be a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service,[21] to the point where she requires a bow to do cleaning jobs.

Brun is fond of puns,[22][23][24] a trait she shares with Claire.[25]


Brun tells Clinton that she is not attracted to any men right now,[26] but she finds the thought of Elliot and Clinton together "pretty hot."[27]

Brun has mentioned that the only type of sex she has experienced, apart from masturbation,[26] is vaginal-penile sex.[28]


Brunhilde in Number 3230: Human Anatomy.

Brun's hair has a floof level of 6, as compared with Pintsize's 0, Hannelore's 8, and Shelby's 11. She is known to have a tum.[19]


Various quirks of Brun's behavior had led to some readers to suspect that she could possibly be autistic, possibly with Aspergers Syndrome, which is now referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This has been confirmed about two years after character's introduction.[16] Brun frequently speaks in short, blunt phrases, a sign of impaired communication.[29][30][31][32] She displays unusual behavior in social situations, such as asking surreal questions.[33][34][21][35] In addition, Brun has trouble understanding emotions, often doing socially inappropriate things.[30][36][37][38][39][40]

She has an affinity for clocks,[36] which, in addition to probably being a special interest for her, is also the culmination of her need to follow a routine and to keep on schedule.[41] Additionally, she lines up her clocks in a row.

She displayed signs of a shutdown when her workplace and home burned down,[42] while also beginning to go nonverbal when she gazed at one of her clocks a few moments later.[43]

Additionally, recent comics may hint that Brun is asexual given her lack of sexual attraction to any men and no shown sexual attraction to anyone else. However, she found the idea of Clinton and Elliot together hot, which would suggest that she is more specifically anegosexual. (Citations needed)