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Beepatrice is a female-appearing robot at a nonprofit serving AIs. Beepatrice's day job is testing sex toys.[1][2] Roko has characterized her as "endearingly incompetent".[3]


She had a slightly embarrassing interview with Roko for a position at AI rights nonprofit group.[4]

Beepatrice's current body is her third.[5] She prefers analog ways of communication and using an external computer.[6][7]

During Roko's quest to help May with her body, Beepatrice was tasked with getting May an emergency appointment to do a full diagnostic.[8]

Beepatrice was initially referred to with both they/them[4][9] and she/her[7] pronouns, with she/her taking precedence in later comics.[10][11][12][13]

She visited Union Robotics to get a spray from Samantha Bean.[14]

After Beepatrice gave Winslow task of filling out paperwork on physical paper, she went to buy a $200 fountain pen.[15] Afterwards, Beepatrice convinced Roko to take over as head of the nonprofit, as Beepatrice felt she was more qualified, and Beepatrice never even wanted the job in the first place, but was forced to take control after the original boss abruptly quit.[16]

Claire intended to apply at the sex toy factory Beepatrice works at, but the position had been filled. Instead, to procrastinate on paperwork, Beepatrice gave Claire a tour.[17]