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Beatrice Chatham is Hannelore's mother. She is a very ruthless - and very wealthy - businesswoman.



Ms. Chatham, as she likes to be called,[1] has the management style of a James Bond villain.[2][3] With whom, it might be argued, she also shares parenting skills.

Her own daughter has described her as "evil",[4] and even as "Darth Vader in a Martha Stewart costume".[5]

Other facts about Ms. Chatham:

  • She avoids caffeine, considering stimulants to be unhealthy,[6] but does use alcohol.[7]
  • She has no known kinks.[8]


She did not participate in raising Hannelore[9] and treats Hannelore's mental health problems as a discipline issue.[10]

Despite having little in common with Hannelore,[7] she loves and cares for her daughter anyway[9] - it's just that she has evidently no idea about the concept of parenthood... or even about The World Outside a Boardroom.[1] After the truth about why she hired Tilly, Hannelore infuriatingly told her mother off, effectively severing ties to her.[11]

Ms. Chatham had little intimate contact with her husband[9] but has a new pool boy.[9][12] It appears that she forced her ex-husband, John Ellicott Chatham, to take her name as part of the divorce settlement.[13]

Music preferences[]

We have no information about this.

Memorable quotes[]

  • "Of course, now I have a cadre of amoral minions to do my bidding for me. There IS something to be said for a good cadre of minions."[6]
  • "I'm calling my lawyer to see if it's legal to purchase and then demolish a shopping mall out of spite"[14]