This is the first few pages of the AnthroPC Handbook, retrieved from the Wayback Machine.

The AnthroPC HandbookEdit

Congratulations on buying your new AnthroPC.

This handbook will guide you through the installation, operation and maintenance of your AnthroPC.


  • Thank you and congratulations on buying your new AnthroPC! We hope you have endless fun with your Metal Mate who is Fun to be With! (apologies to the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation).
  • So what can you expect from your AnthroPC?
    • For starters, no other computer system in the world can claim so much powerful technology in such a small case, and our unique "AnthrOS" operating system means that each and every AnthroPC is a unique, charming individual, with his or her very own personality! And the good news is that, with the latest version of AnthrOS IV now hitting the market, with its advanced "Right&Wrong" recognition feature, our AnthroPCs are now safer than ever around children!
    • Each PC will be your very own companion, granting an unprecedented level of interactivity and customization - had a hard day at the office? Drop onto the couch and smile as your PC sympathizes and plays the perfect music that YOU like to suit your mood. Grin as it does your shopping for you, knowing exactly what you have in the fridge and what you need.
    • All these features and more await! Simply read through this useful handbook for tips on how to set up and maintain your new best friend and you're on your way to a beautiful friendship.


  • Setup — Setting up your AnthroPC
    • Personality Setup — Information about your AnthroPCs personality
  • Hardware — A list of Hardware standard to AnthroPCs
    • Cleaning Your AnthroPC — A guide to cleaning your AnthroPC
  • AnthrOS — Your AnthroPC runs the AnthrOS operating system
  • AnthroPC Relationships - How your AnthroPC interacts with humans and other AnthroPCs
  • Malicious Software — The AnthroPC's defenses. What you can do to help.
  • Accessories — Outfitting and customising your AnthroPC
  • Downloads — A list of free software that you can download to have fun with your AnthroPC
  • Famous AnthroPCs — A short list of some famous AnthroPCs
  • Disclaimer — All that legal jibber-jabber!

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) ( — This movie contains information on the worlds most highly advanced AnthroPC, Marvin, who has been fitted with the latest GPP (Genuine People Personality) and a brain the size of a planet.