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Amir Afridi (امیر آفریدی) is a 35 year old Pakistani-descended[1] friend of Marten and Hannelore and the former boyfriend of Natasha. He is an extremely enthusiastic heavy metal fan and played guitar in the fictitious band, Deathmøle, but disappeared after his breakup with Natasha.[2] Amir apparently was living in the band's old practice space the entire time since the breakup, and was only recently rediscovered by Hannelore and Marten.[3]



One of the few darker skinned Questionable Content characters, Amir is also characterized by his ear piercings, glasses and missing tooth, after having it kicked out by Natasha (before she became his girlfriend) in a mosh pit.

He is also one of the oldest characters not related to the core cast members, as he states he's 35 after breaking up with Natasha.[4]


Amir is a waiter at Cafe Bang-Bang, "the tapas place on Elm".[5]

Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]


Amir is heterosexual, and fond of women much less than his own age.[6] He may have a thing for anal.[7]


Amir uses alcohol.[6]

Music preferences[]

Amir likes Slayer and Pig Destroyer enough to attend their concerts.[6] He met Natasha at a Converge show.[8] He has a T-shirt for the screamo band Orchid.[9]

Amir's Gallery[]