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Amanda Whitaker is Faye's little sister. She first appeared at Marten's apartment[1] after being kicked out of home by her mother for being a lesbian (among other things), but after talking to her mother she moved back in.

Evie is Amanda's girlfriend.



Amanda is a college student majoring in modern dance, a major she switched to from pre-med.[1]


She is also the first character to allude to or reference the death of David Whitaker and the effect it had on Faye.[2]

Amanda had the healthiest reaction in the family to her father's suicide, grieving and moving on.[3] She was upset at Faye's reaction, though, thinking that she didn't care.[4]

She is skinnier and less intelligent than Faye,[5] but shares her older sister's strong will.[6]


According to Faye, she has never held a job.[7]

Plot Foreshadowing[]

Marten said of Amanda "She's more like a Vespa crashing into a stop sign".[8] This prefigures the Vespavenger story.

Memorable quotes[]

  • "That was the day I learned that there's no way you can remove your head from another girl's crotch in a nonchalant manner."[9]
  • "Well, let's just say mom didn't take too kindly to the news that I'm switchin' majors from pre-med to modern dance, or that I failed all my classes last semester, or that I'm a lesbian."[10]
  • "Yeah it's nice to occasionally be reminded that I'm the SANE daughter."[11]
  • "Holy shit, you did get buff!"—talking about Faye's muscles.[12]