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Alan Turing is a Special Agent of the Robotics Defense Agency. He appears in Comic Strip 147 to confiscate Pintsize from Marten.



Alan Turing attended the same school as Dora, at St Agnes' High School on Sunderland Street, and was regularly beaten up by Dora, who stole his cigarettes. According to Jeph Jacques, "Agent Turing still gets a little nervous when he lights a cigarette, remembering past beat-downs at the hands of a wiry teenage girl".[1]

Major events[]

When Agent Turing turns up at Marten's apartment to confiscate Pintsize, Faye knocks him out temporarily, so that Dora can remove any illegal components from Pintsize. After waking up, he recognizes Dora as his high school bully, and leaves the apartment promptly.

Agent Turing also shows up after Dora, Faye and Marten defeat the Vespa Avenger. Turing takes her into custody so they can "offer her a gig in Research and Development and keep a close eye on her... extracurricular activities."[2]

Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]

All we know is that he used tobacco in high school.


  • Agent Turing shares his name with the inventor of computer science The connection has never been explained.